WatriFeed-API Build and develop mobility Apps

Design and build your own Apps using the WatriFeed-API.

Building Create your GTFS Data feed using easily.

Visualize Visualize your GTFS Data feed

TransitViz is a perfect data visualization soft.


WatriFeed-GTFS-Manager: The OpenSource Collaborative GTFS Data Editor. WatriFeed is a collaborative web editor for GTFS data developed by the Data Transport project labs to standardize transport data for easy use in transport and mobility applications and services. The editor is online and one instance is available for local deployment and use without the Internet.


Alone or in a team, create your GTFS feed easily. GTFS multiple workflow management. Manage multiple GTFS workflows

Testing and import

Import your data from OpenStreetMap for GTFS creation/conversion. Import and update your GTFS feed quickly.

Visualization and Sharing

Validate, then share your GTFS feed for immediate use. Visualize your data with an embedded GTFS Data Visualizer. Assert quality control, commit, then share your GTFS feed for instant utilization

TransitViz Data Visualization

Digital transportation data mining and analysis through graphs, interactive web maps is an excellent way to tackle the growing complexity of the available data, and to learn from it in a unifying way. We have a dedicated application named TransitViz, exclusively dedicated to the visaulisation of transport data.

WatriFeed-API | Mobile & Web Application Development

WatriFeed-API provides a Application Programming Interface (API) which allows developers to build their own applications using specific transport data. We also supports enterprises, organisations and institutions in designing and developing web and mobile applications for mobility services